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Ibiza Luxury Villas

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Real Estate Portal

We'd love to create a website(s) for you according to your specifications. You just send us your texts, photos and brochures, logos etc. Pictures and text will be processed such, that it can be viewed by everyone on the internet.

If you have a holiday home, some real estate, a restaurant, or you are a plumber, speaker, accountant, or you need a church website or for some other organisation, we sure can create something individual for you.

We can insert order forms, where a customer can order a catalogue or brochure or some articles... or ask for further information about your products or services.

If interested just contact us ...
We'll get in touch we you straight away
If you leave your phone number we call you back as soon as humanly possible.

It is possible to have a simple website with maybe just one page for around £ 89, but to have a decent website, you want to invest. (What you sow is what you reap).
Like it's more for sites with order forms, ajax programming, etc.

Example: 3 - 5 pages with Text/Pictures/Photos, contact form, search engine submission £ 290.-

Your website can be hosted on one of our servers, or and we can register a domain for you as well.
www.yourname.com or .org
that's about £ 5 - 8 per month, depending how much webspace is needed.
We'll consult you here all the way...

Special programming like Perl, CGIs, PHP, Ajax-Techniques, open windows, slide shows etc. possible, also guestbooks, survey, newsletter etc..

"Are you gonna leave us, once the site is done? We might need to have prices changed, new products, objects, services added etc."

No, we're happy to be your webmaster and that's reliable, almost 24/7 service. This is not expensive, either we do it monthly (£ 50 to £ 200) or for every maintenance job (depends on amount of work). If it's just a small change now and then there is even no charge...

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Dietician Consulting

Dating Site
Senior Dating 50plus

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