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"Going back to a Submission Service for Websites always makes sense , when this provides an additional benefit, thaty software can't give ... A Service, that even provides a success report is 'Surfpromote'..."

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Voices of satisfied clients

Hello Mr Strakovits, one can rely on you!!! Super!!! Many thanks indeed for this!!! -
Fiba Ltd

"Many thanks for your reply, I'll call on you today or tomorrow to promote my page. You did excellent work the last time.. With our site we are on the first page in google!! - H.D.

"Regarding price performance ratio the best what I've seen by far! Fast, competent and reliable work! Absolutely the Number 1 for me !" - Canada-Incentive and T.O.P.-Training

"...really enthusiastic by your Customer Service." - inteco

"Many thanks for your good work. The whole process with you has really worked superbly. The result is faultless. When there are lots of visitors to my site now and in future, it's your 'fault' ... Your prices for this service are really customer-friendly..." - Durga Software-Development

"Voila - that's how we wanted it :-)
our rankings in the various search engines and directories excel our expectations by far; so at this point a great Thank You for the uncomplicated carrying out of the submissions and the subsequent success re ranking in the search engines" - ikon Ltd

"Thank you so much for submission to search engines. I have to say, your service impressed me. You don't find such a fast and thorough service very often. So thanks again and compliment to you and your co-workers. gcom-edv

Some time ago i asked for a URL to be submitted and i am more than satisfied." - Dieter Alt, DAD-Consulting

"Really many thanks indeed for the comprehensive answers to my question! Not used to such commitment these days :-) "
Birke Schreiber, Berkhan-Software

"Many thanks for your comprehensive explanations. So first of all i'd like to mention how customer-friendly you work! Many thanks."
Andre Bartsch - Project Leader at Passco, a company processing stainless steel.

"Many thanks for the extensive processing of my order."
Cornelia zum Egen - pixelmania

"I have already received confirmations of search engines for our hotel. Many thanks !" - Alex Gollegger - algo software - the online company

"Many thanks for the many good tips Will look at my site and keywords again in detail. I'll be back. Sincere greetings from The Lake"
Juergen Kurlbaum - Development of Media Concepts, Friedrichshafen

"Hi, I had a look at one of the 'Zips', that's splendid with the confirmations - thanks!" - regards alex

"Good Morning
Thanks for the excellent tips on your site. Managed to gain a few places in the search results. So keep up the good work! Really great help!" - Yours René Leiber

Among others Surfpromote has processed:
Megagames - Computer Games Online-Shop
MM Solutions - Software Distributions and Consulting
Occupational Health Alliance
Ibiza Domizile - Luxury Villas on Ibiza
Homepage of Hermann Maier - Austrian Skiing-Champion
Klaus Lage - German Rocksinger
Waring Lawn Care Franchise
Ernst Mosch, King of Oompah-Musik - Mosch Music Publisher
Honda Germany - Various Domains...
Gallery Sargant - Gallery, Painting and Sculpture
Musical "Touch the sky" - Life of King David
QSS - Inventory Services for Landlords
Braving the Storm: Survival Tactics
SmartDraw - Software Firma aus Kalifornien
UK e-Lottery Syndicate
Multimedia-CD-ROM about World Religions
Stuis Online - Yachting and Yacht Charter in the Mediterranean
Hotel Guesthouse Guggenberger, Austria
Hotel-Guesthouse Lindenhof, Austria
Hotel Zirbenhof, Austria
Alpenhotel Wurzer, Austria
Hotel Flachauerhof - Four Star Hotel, Austria
Balloon Exclusive Air - Hot Air Balloon
BaTo EDV- Training and Consulting
Kaswurm Real Estate - Prams and Buggies

Also Law Firms, Medical Sites, Doctors, more Holiday Rentals etc. etc...

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