Search engine optimisation and Website submission service to search engines for higher positions in search results
Search Engine Submission
and Optimising Services
to Get High on Search Engines
search engine submission website submission service to search engines
Search Engine Submission and Website Optimising Services
Get high positions and placements on search engines like Google

Get high on Google - Website Submission and Optimisation Service to Search Engines
SEO - Manual search engine submission and optimisation Services

manual search engine submission and optimisation Most visitors come to your website via search engines like Google or Bing. Make sure your positions on Google are high, like page 1.

Let's optimise your website to get those high placements in search engine results - search engine optimising and submission for great search results.

If you'd like better search engine positions let us optimise your website
to get high in search engine results for your keywords...

. Search Engine Optimisation and Submission Service Fee
Basic Submission to 50 search engines - UK, US and global £ 19.-
Plus Submission to 100 search engines - UK, US and global £ 25.-
Optimising and Preparing your site for better ranking in search engines,
plus submission to 100 search engines incl Google and Bing
£ 179.-
Optimising and Preparing your site for better ranking in search engines,
plus submission to 100 search engines incl Google and Bing
plus 3 months search engine watch (incl re-optimizing and re-submit if nec)
£ 249.-

All one-off payments, no hidden charges, incl VAT where applicable.

Straight to the Order Form

How does search engine optimisation work ?
First of all - where does it come from that you have to pay a company monthly ?
How often does a website need optimising ? If you are on page 1 with your keywords - that's it.
Because we did it right in the first place.

You might want to have a follow-up a couple of months later,
or at the point when your website dropped from your position in the search results.

This is how it works:
We optimise your website, we tune and tweak your website regarding relevant keywords or keyword phrases.
So we would need ftp-access to your site. For more details, click here or go to the "Menu", and click "Optimisation".

How is my website submitted?
We visit essential search engines like Google, Bing etc. and submit your site 'by hand'.
The rest is a mix of autmated and "by-hand submissions", because with some directories,
they have a long list of categories. Their entry forms also differ, when it comes
to entering the title, keywords etc.
Only this way the demands of the various search services can be met.

Who does the submitting?
Our consultant is holder of various diplomas of marketing (Business School, Hamburg),
economy, promotion, translation (Institute of Linguists, London) and IT.
We used to be based in Southampton, UK, now just outside Frankfurt, Germany

You will receive continual reports about what we do regarding optimisation,
and will send you the confirmations of the search engines, that come after submission.
Some search engines accept your page within 1 or 2 days, others can take 2 or more weeks.
You can measure the traffic to your website with various statistic tools.

Disclaimer, Privacy etc.
No erotic pages, no websites about porn, racism or violating human rights, extreme right-wing, casinos, occultism, satanism.

This search engine optimisation and submission service is carried out very thoroughly. Each client's site is optimised after the latest standards and submitted thoroughly. Surfpromote can't guarantee though, if the search engine positions will climb accordingly and if a search engine or directory accepts the site on submission, or if the traffic to the site increases because of above, and is not liable for any loss of business, loss of business profits, loss of data or other without limitations.

Occasionally the data entered in the order form might have to be changed slightly to fit requirements of submission forms of various search engines. This might go for title, description and keywords.

None of the client's data sent to us either via contact or order form will be passed on to third parties, Details of the order form are entered into submission forms of search engines. We cannot take responsibility for any correspondence resulting through this like newsletters etc.

Online - Order Form

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Website Search engine submission service to search engines

Get in touch, if you have any questions about search engine submission and optimisation ...

Clients say:

"Thanks very much for your excellent service to be personally phoned to make sure everything was ok proves what a brilliant service you provide, many, many thanks, Glynn."

"...I was happy with the service you provided last time in submitting my site. I feel I have at last found a company that I can trust. Kind Regards Sandy P. "

"Thanks for an excellent service. I'll send payment on Tuesday. Cheers Paul... "

"Many thanks for your reply, my site is listed with google on the first page!!" - H.D.

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